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Size Guide - Section1

Hey mom/dad!

Let’s talk about your real problem! Have you had the trouble of buying your kids shoes even for once?

Can you relate to this? You bought shoes before and after a week or so your little pumpkin feet can hardly even fit to it, sounds familiar right?
Let’s look at the stats, according to the latest survey we’ve conducted 82% of parents experienced the problem of finding the shoes that will serve at least a little bit longer- months or holy grail a year!!

This problem arises because our children’s feet are constantly growing, with this problem finding the right shoes with enough allowance and still conforms with our kiddo’s feet is essential for us responsible parents.

So now, we will make parenting a little bit easier for you, just wanna share the tips on how to choose the shoes that will last a bit longer than your expectations.

So here are the factors you should always consider…


Size Chart