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    The name Syunsoku is a Japanese word “SYUN” which means “flash” and “SOKU” which means “feet” Generally, the name Syunsoku means “flash feet” which describes speed and power. This is what the shoes portray all these years. Syunsoku sports shoes were developed to support your athletic and sport-minded kids and continue to provide dreams to those who wish to have healthy flash feet mixed with fashion.

    It is owned by Achilles which is a highly influential company in Japan. It was founded in 1947, and in 2016, it already has 1500 employees, 15 billion (Yen) capital, and 90 billion (Yen) sales. As to Syunsoku, it sold more than 60 million pairs of shoes in 10 years.

    The year 2003 was when Syunsoku was launched and has quickly captured the hearts of children which makes it the number one best-selling shoes for kids in Japan. One of the great characteristics of these shoes lies in its soles. The idea of asymmetrical soles has been developed so the shoes will enable wearers to run with all their strength by keeping their footing when cornering counterclockwise.


    Asymmetrical Soles

    The typical design of the left and right sole of the shoes are designed symmetrically. Defying this old wisdom, Syunsoku arranges its spikes on the inner side of the right sole and on the outer side of the left sole, thus enabling wearers to grip the ground when cornering counterclockwise. Developers have created shoes that enable fast-running children to run faster and give hope to slow-running children under the slogan, “Open a lead when cornering!”

    Varieties of Models and Designs

    Syunsoku offers a lineup of multi-functional models that are suitable for different occasions. These models have specialized soles designs to serve various purposes such as playing soccer, dancing, schooling and other events. Syunsoku models cater to a wide range of needs according to the lifestyles of children. Furthermore, Syunsoku uses fun animal designs that children love, like Cheetah, which we recognize as the fastest animals. While others love the design of Pegasus’s wings. With its wide varieties of models and designs, children tend to get excited to wear Syunsoku shoes that they want to start running in the field.

  • SO・KU・I・KU Concept

    The Sokuiku (foot growth) Design is the one that Syunsoku possesses. This design helps children’s feet to grow correctly as they develop. As we all know, every child has a unique foot feature. Over time, children acquire foot ailments because they wear shoes which do not fit their feet.


    Shoes that correspond to the growth of your child’s feet

    Soft shoes with features that are foot-friendly.

    This period requires shoes that support babies’ feet gently. Since the structure of babies’ foot bones is soft, it is important to choose flexible shoes that do not hamper the healthy growth of their feet.

    Shoes that support children in walking properly.

    During this period, shoes that encourage the growth of children’s feet are needed. Encouraging children who are starting to walk to wear appropriate shoes and do a reasonable amount of exercise is important to ensure their bone structure forms correctly.

    Shoes with full features that support exercise

    When children enter the period during which they start to exercise to their heart’s content, shoes that support the sound growth of their feet and at the same time provide fuller athletic features are needed. Moreover, Syunsoku offers shoes designed for various occasions and lifestyles such as children in upper grades in elementary school and adults.


    Syunsoku’s proprietary Sokuiku design, which varies according to the growth of children

    Design to allow ample space for toes.

    Children’s toes grow thinly. For each size, Syunsoku changes its design for the toes.

    Designing the height of shoes by size.

    The feet of children become thicker as they grow. For each size, Syunsoku changes its design for the height of feet.

    Designs that consider differences in heel heights.

    For each shoe size, a reasonable angle is used for the tread and heel of the shoes. Syunsoku’s uniquely designed shoes stabilize the unstable movement of children’s feet as they grow and encourage normal growth.


    Allows children to choose shoes that fit the width of their feet

    Syunsoku offers a lineup of shoes for boys and girls ranging from
    1E - for narrow feet to 3E - for wide feet. Choosing shoes that best suit one’s feet really fulfills the requirement for good running.


    Designs that meet the movement of children

    Sole that bends considerably. Syunsoku’s flexible sole supports the movement of feet so that they bend naturally when walking.

    Heel counter. Syunsoku’s heel counter holds the heel firmly, preventing it from moving laterally.


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